Greetings from Progressive Techies!

We are launching a collective library platform for techies where you can share your books and borrow from others! Through this platform, we intend to enrich the reading culture of techies and build a community.

1. Register yourself by filling up this form. Use your personal email ID to avoid access issues.

2. Add the books you want to share through the collective library.

3. You can view all the books available in the collective library in this public catalogue.

4. You can request to borrow a book from the public catalogue using this form.

Rules and Guidelines

1. The ownership of the book you shared remains with you. You can take your book out of the book sharing platform whenever you feel like.

2. A public online catalogue of all the shared books will be maintained.

3. You can request books in the catalogue. Requests will be served on a “first come, first served” basis.

4. Once your request is verified, contact number of the owner of the book will be shared with you. As per the convenience of both parties, you can hand over the book. As a rule of thumb, the one who is requesting the book should go to the owner, and collect it.

5. You can keep the borrowed book for a period of 20 days. You can request for an extension if there are no other active requests for the book.

6. Once the holding period is over, you should return the book to the owner.

7. You should take good care of the borrowed books. If you cause any serious damage to the book like a page tear, or lose it, you should replace it with the exact same book or pay it’s current MRP as a fine.

*Disclaimer* : Even though Progressive Techies will do everything in it’s capacity to make sure the books are returned in due time, and lost/damaged books are compensated, ultimately the organization can’t be held responsible for such unfortunate events.