The stone heart lay drowned in tears
People mocked it
Called it ugly and dark
Engraved on it
Some their name, some swears
Some heartless hearts and lifeless figures
Carving its skin off
Thinking it’s a stone devoid of feelings
It stayed ignored and unheard
In a cluttered corner of the world

The artist chisel in hand
Smile on his face, love in heart
Art in soul, roamed about
In his quest for inspiration
His eyes came upon the dusty, dark heart
Brimming with sorrow and self denial.
His hands reached out and touched its soul
He chiseled out the pain, the hatred
The rejections and the sorrows

He brought out the diamond hidden within
Carved out a masterpiece
Unparalleled, unique and beautiful inside out
Left his mark on her heart and left

All eyes fell upon the stone heart
None recognized the old marks and scars
Praise and adoration flowed
But the heart did not heed to those fake smiles
It searched miles and miles for that smile
Which touched her soul
In vain, the rock heart wept wiping away
every ounce of hardness left

The stone heart lived on surrounded by beauty and love, spreading joy
Erasing the darkness with her light
The candle of hope inside her always burned
Longing for the artist

The memories of that smile made her smile everyday
Old and wrinkled, as she pens this down,
She longs to see that lost smile
One last time before she fades away into the sands of time