Tarang-Cultural Arts Festival For Techies

Tarang Season – 2, the Inter-Company Cultural Fest for Techies across Kerala, is set to unfold in February-March 2024 at Infopark, promising a jubilant celebration of art, culture, talent, and entertainment. The event serves as a dynamic platform for Techie artists, performers, and creative minds to showcase their skills and talents to a vast and engaged audience. Building on the success of previous editions and buoyed by the overwhelming support from the Techie community, Tarang Season – 2 aspires to surpass its predecessors, promising a grander and more successful endeavor.

In the annals of Tarang, KeyValue Software emerged as the victorious champion of Tarang Season 1, while Gadgeon Smart Systems claimed the honorable runner-up position. Their achievements stand as a testament to the high standards of excellence that Tarang upholds, and their success stories inspire and set the stage for the upcoming cultural extravaganza. As anticipation builds for Tarang Season – 2, the legacy of creativity and competition continues, promising an unforgettable showcase of tech-driven artistic brilliance and camaraderie.

Those who can volunteer for Techies Youth Festival, please get in touch with us