Progressive Techies 

Socio-cultural and welfare organization of IT employees in Kerala

About PT

Progressive Techies is a socio-cultural and welfare organization of IT employees in Kerala. Founded in 2014, Progressive Techies has a strong presence in all the IT parks in Kerala, namely

Techies Empowerment

Progressive Techies is unwavering in its commitment to the empowerment of tech professionals. Through a myriad of initiatives and programs,

Progressive Techies

Progressive Techies is a socio-cultural and welfare organization of IT employees in Kerala. With its establishment in 2014, Progressive Techies has emerged as a prominent socio-cultural and welfare organization dedicated to IT employees in Kerala. Over nine years, the organization has solidified its presence across all major IT parks in the region, particularly in Infopark. Progressive Techies has consistently orchestrated a multitude of successful events, encompassing philanthropic, technical, and cultural spheres, thereby contributing significantly to the holistic development and well-being of IT professionals in the...

Progressive Techies Activities..

Activities @ Infopark

Progressive Techies conducting Various activities @ Infopark. Recently Progressive Techies, joined forces with the esteemed Infopark team to make a...

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Socio-committed Activities

As a Socially Committed Organization, Progressive Techies do various sociocultural Programs to help needy people of the society

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Sports & Cultural Activities

In addition to fostering unity among tech professionals, Progressive Techies organizes a diverse range of sports and cultural activities to...

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Unity among Techies

Progressive Techies strives to foster a strong sense of unity among tech professionals through various initiatives and programs. The organization...

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Tarang-Cultural Arts Festival For Techies

Tarang Season – 2, the Inter-Company Cultural Fest for Techies across Kerala, is set to unfold in February-March 2024 at Infopark, promising a jubilant celebration of art, culture, talent, and entertainment. The event serves as a dynamic platform for Techie...

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Our Recent Programs..

Tarang Season 2-TCS became Overall Champions

Congratulations to the talented winners of Tarang Season 2, the inter-company art festival for techies! 🖌️🎨 Big shoutout to TCS...

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Progressive Techies Dance Club:Groove IT

Progressive Techies started a Dance Club for all Techies inside Infopark. The main aim of such initiatives is not only...

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Progressive Techies Placed Thaneerpanthal in various places in and around Infopark as per the guidance from District Administration Department. These...

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Back 2 School Season6

Back 2 School Season6 distribution Started. school kits handed over to Nirmala Training Centre for Exceptional Children,Kusumagiri Let's come together...

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Environment Day @ Infopark

Progressive Techies Joined Infopark Team for Environment Day This Environment Day, Progressive Techies, joined forces with the esteemed Infopark team...

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Trip to Agumbe

The Progressive Techies embarked on an exciting journey to Agumbe, aptly known as the city of rain. More than 50...

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Lockdown Tech-Talks

Make the stay @ home days more productive by upskilling yourself! Progressive Techies brings to you, *Lockdown Tech-Talks* , a...

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Techies against Covid 19

We are hosting an online interactive session in association with the Ernakulam district administration, as a platform for techies to...

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Infopark Blood Donors

Progressive Techies Started a Blood Donation group which functioning very well in Infopark. This group serves more than 50 blood...

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