Progressive Techies

Progressive Techies is a socio-cultural and welfare organization of IT employees in Kerala. With its establishment in 2014, Progressive Techies has emerged as a prominent socio-cultural and welfare organization dedicated to IT employees in Kerala. Over nine years, the organization has solidified its presence across all major IT parks in the region, particularly in Infopark. Progressive Techies has consistently orchestrated a multitude of successful events, encompassing philanthropic, technical, and cultural spheres, thereby contributing significantly to the holistic development and well-being of IT professionals in the state. Through its diverse initiatives, Progressive Techies continues to play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community, support, and innovation within the dynamic landscape of the IT industry in Kerala. Founded in 2014, Progressive Techies has a strong presence in all the IT parks in Kerala, namely Technopark Trivandrum, Infopark Kochi, Infopark Koratty, and Cyberpark Calicut. During the 5 years of its existence, ProgressiveTechies has organized various events of philanthropic, technical and socio-cultural nature with great success. Come Join with us .. and be part of a change Progressive Techies Infoprark Mobile:9744499661 Progressive Techies Technopark Mobile:9496331673